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News in English - May 21

Information Service of Safira Radio. Today is Sunday, 21st of May. There are 224 days left until the end of the year. Name days are being celebrated by Donat and Jan, Krzysztof and Piotr, Tymoteusz and Wiktor as well as Wszemir. We wish them all the best!

Today in Poland we celebrate Cadet's Day. On this day, we remember the young people who wish to serve their homeland and fulfil their patriotic vocation. Today we also celebrate World Space Day, which highlights the importance of space exploration for humanity and the advancement of our knowledge about the universe.

There is also another holiday, it's World Day for Cultural Diversity. The commemoration aims to promote cultural diversity and mutual respect around the world. This day is under the patronage of UNESCO. Montenegro is also celebrating. It's their Independence Day.

Historical kaleidoscope. In 2021, during the spring session of the Synod of the Evangelical Reformed Church in Poland, priest Semko Koroza was elected as the bishop of the Evangelical Reformed Church. This is an important event for the community of this church in Poland.

In the year 1815, the Lutheran Cathedral in Gothenburg was consecrated, becoming a significant sacred site for the Lutheran community in Sweden. 1901 brought the opening of a horse racing track, 2200 meters in length, in Warsaw's Łazienki Park. This place became a popular meeting spot for sports and entertainment enthusiasts.

The Polish Cybernetics Society was founded in 1962, with the aim of developing and researching in the field of cybernetics, which plays an increasingly significant role in society.

We invite you to listen to the news from Poland. Today, in the Early Christian Church, we celebrate the 7th Sunday of Easter. A service was held in the Parish of Paul of Tarsus in Warsaw, during which teaching was based on the First Letter of St. Peter (1 Peter 4:12-14, 5:6-11). The teaching reminded that all the difficulties we encounter are part of our faith and can bring spiritual growth and joy.

In Cieszyn, the Days of Christian Culture 2023 were inaugurated. The event is organized by the Cieszyn Cultural Center "Dom Narodowy", the Evangelical Augsburg Parish, and the Parish of St. Mary Magdalene in Cieszyn. The program for this year's edition of the meetings consists of lectures, a film screening, performances, and an ecumenical prayer meeting.

And now news from the world. The general secretary of the World Council of Churches, Pastor Jerry Pillay, met with the Patriarch of Moscow, Kirill. They discussed the intra-Orthodox division and the necessity of unity in Ukraine. Pastor Pillay's delegation proposed initiating a roundtable dialogue to address the conflict and divisions within the Orthodox family. The World Council of Churches is an instrument of dialogue between churches and currently comprises 352 churches. It represents approximately 580 million Christians around the world.

Pope Francis has written a foreword to the book titled "The Taste of Change: Ecological Transformation as a Path to Happiness". In the book, he criticised the exploitation of nature and people and encouraged an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The co-authors of the book are French Jesuit priest Fr. Gaël Giraud and the founder of the "Slow Food" movement, Carlo Petrini. The Pope appreciated the commitment of young people to lesser and more conscious consumption. The book is a manifesto for a possible future of society and the planet. It promotes dialogue as a path to innovation.

The Archdiocese of Freiburg has purchased a house in Kyiv. The property will be transformed into a social centre for those affected by war. Ukrainian Caritas plans to provide professional support there for children, young people, and adults. Caritas International emphasises the need for aid for internally displaced people and residents of Kyiv. It helps elderly and sick individuals. So far, Caritas has built five social centres in other cities in Ukraine.

In Jerusalem, the Ascension of the Lord festivities took place in the sanctuary on the Mount of Olives. The Muslim Mosque, which was once a Christian chapel, is opened to the Catholic community once a year. Christians from Jerusalem and pilgrims took part in liturgies and a night vigil. Services were held in various languages. The Ascension sanctuary has a rich history dating back to the 4th century and is an important place of pilgrimage.

Seven-year-old Julia Eskridge visits sick and infirm people. Her passion for helping people was instilled in her by her mother and grandmother. Julia attends the Jeffersontown Methodist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The little girl has formed a special bond with 86-year-old Mildred Breckenridge. They meet to discuss the Bible and everyday life matters. Julia is known in the area for delivering flowers and vegetables from her own garden. She wants to bring joy to older and lonely individuals.

These were the most important news from Safira Radio. We're glad that you're with us!


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