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News in English - May 23

Safira Radio News Service. Today's date is May 23rd. It's Tuesday, and we have 222 days left until the end of the year.

Today we celebrate the name days of Emilia and Eufrozyna, Jan and Julian, Lucjusz and Łucjusz, and Michał and Symeon. Best wishes to all of them!

Now let's move on to our historical kaleidoscope. On May 23rd, 1591, anti-Protestant riots broke out in Krakow. The Evangelical congregation on St. John Street was destroyed during the so-called "Krakow Tumult." Unfortunately, it was never rebuilt. According to Kaduk's law, it was handed over to Stanisław Lubomirski and later transferred to the Bernardine Order.

Now let's talk about events from 1588. The funeral of King Stefan Batory took place in the crypt of Wawel Cathedral. In 1940, the Polish submarine ORP "Orzeł" set off on its final patrol in the North Sea. Unfortunately, it disappeared without a trace two days later.

And now, let's remember some birthday commemorations. On May 23rd, 1908, John Bardeen, an American physicist, and Nobel laureate, was born. In 1862, Hermann Gunkel, a German Protestant theologian, was born.

News from Poland. Krakow. Bishop Damian Muskus ordained Dominican deacons at the Basilica of the Holy Trinity in Krakow. In his homily, he encouraged the deacons to be servants of prayer, joy, and love. The bishop emphasized that their service should mobilize the community to become more evangelical, loving, and humble. Dominicans are a male religious order founded by St. Dominic Guzmána in the 13th century. They are preachers and missionaries dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel, studying theology, and prayer.

Poland. The Order of Pauline invites young men to "Vocational Retreats" in Czestochowa. The event will begin on May 26th and last until May 28th. It is an opportunity for discerning one's life path, both in the context of religious and priestly life. The retreats will include prayer, catechesis, and participation in priestly ordinations.

World news. USA. Over 50 students from South Carolina will participate in the "GenSend" program organized by the North American Mission Board. It is the largest number of participants among all state Baptist conventions. The program allows students to spend 6-8 weeks in strategic cities, engaging in missionary service.

Vatican. Pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia have arrived in Rome to celebrate the anniversary of the consecration of their cathedral. The Pope encouraged the pilgrims to discover and showcase beauty, just like their cathedral. The Church should focus on prayer, love, and proclaiming the Gospel, rather than secondary aspects. Francis called for pastoral renewal and bold choices in evangelization. The Pope said, "The Gospel comes through the beauty of life testimony."

France. Over 6,500 young Christians gathered in France last weekend for a conference called "Echo." The conference centered around the theme "See, I am doing something new." The second theme was "Me and God, Us and God, You and me." There were sermons, worship, workshops, and concerts. The number of evangelical Christians in France is approximately 745,000. "Echo" is one of the largest events of its kind in Southern Europe. The goal of each conference is to prepare young people for the future, discover service, and experience mission.

Vatican. On the occasion of the G7 summit, Pope Francis wrote a letter to Japanese Bishop Alexis-Mitsuru Shirahama. Francis reminds that human fraternity and solidarity are the best path to the future. "Hiroshima is a symbol of remembrance. This symbol powerfully proclaims the inappropriateness of nuclear weapons. We must respond differently to threats to peace."

USA. During the funeral of Hody Childress from Alabama, his family learned about a secret he had kept for many years. It turned out that he regularly donated money to Geraldine Drugs pharmacy. He created a secret fund for people who struggled to afford medications. He wanted to remain anonymous. Hody, who passed away earlier this year, was a US Air Force veteran and worked for Lockheed Martin aerospace company. His wife, children, stepchildren, 15 grandchildren, neighbors, and friends bid him farewell. Hody left behind a beautiful legacy. He will be remembered as a humble servant who always helped others.

That's all from this news service. Thank you for listening to Safira Radio News Service.


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