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Radio Safira - News in English

Good morning, beloved Listeners! Welcome to the News Service of Radio Safira, where we deliver news from around the world every day. Today is Tuesday, the 16th of May, and we have 229 days and 229 opportunities left this year to rejoice in life and share love!

Today, we celebrate the name day of Adam and Adamina, Andrzej and Brendan, Fidol, Germeriusz, Honorat, and Jędrzej. We extend our warmest wishes to all the celebrants.

Today in Poland, we observe the Border Guard Day - thereby paying tribute to those who ensure our safety. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, it's Teacher's Day - hearty congratulations to those shaping young minds.

From the world of cinema. The 16th of May is a date of two important premieres. In 1975, the first episode of the series "Czterdziestolatek" directed by Jerzy Gruza was shown for the first time. Watching "Being Forty" makes you understand that real comedy is not about slapstick, but about striking at the very heart of Poland.

There's also a second television anniversary. On the 16th of May 1983, "Wielki Szu" directed by Sylwester Chęciński hit the screens. "The Big Shar" is a film where Jan Nowicki shows that one can be a fraudster on screen and steal viewers' hearts at the same time - all while playing poker.

Now, onto historical milestones. The 16th of May is a remarkable date in the history of Gdańsk. In 1920, elections were held for the Constituent Assembly of the future Free City of Gdańsk. It was one of the significant steps towards independence. Meanwhile, in 1975, the fearless Japanese woman Junko Tabei became the first woman to summit Mount Everest. She started her preparations back in 1971 by conquering all the major peaks in Japan and the Alps.

The 16th of May is the birthdate of two remarkable figures. In 1755, Jan Nepomucen Kossakowski, a Polish Catholic clergyman and bishop of Inflanty, Vilnius, and Inflanty, as well as a member of the Commission of National Education, was born. And in 1873, Ber Percowicz, the Chief Rabbi of Poland, was born.

News updates. Poland. A conference on religious and cultural pedagogy was held in Warsaw. Discussions centred around the humanisation of education, interdisciplinarity in religious pedagogy. Challenges related to teaching religion in schools, the need for peace in education, socialisation, and creative activities in awakening human potential were discussed. The conference was organised by the Polish Ecumenical Council, the Christian Theological Academy, and the Higher Theological-Social School.

USA. Chicago. The Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago and McCormick Theological Seminary are moving to the campus of the Catholic Theological Union. This move creates a theological mega-campus in South Chicago. Each school will remain independent, retaining its own identity, mission, and governance. The institutions are set to begin classes on the campus in the fall of 2023. This decision is in response to the changing religious landscape in the United States. Economic considerations are forcing seminaries to sell part or all of their properties. The collaboration between the three schools is considered not only a nod to pragmatism but also a "model of ecumenical cooperation".

Poland. Ania, from the Evangelical Christian congregation in Warsaw, has been engaged in a Christian mission in Uganda since January 2023. She assists local missionaries and gets involved in initiatives for children. More information can be found on her blog: The history of the Evangelical Christian congregation in Warsaw began in 1923, five years after World War I. The congregation gathered believers from various evangelical streams. Since 1987, it has mainly brought together Evangelical Christians. The pastor of the congregation is Sławomir Foks.

Israel. The Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church, Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, made a historic visit to Jerusalem. It is the first such visit since the visit of the Patriarch of Antioch in 1966. The visit took place on the occasion of the inauguration of Archbishop Mor Anthimos. The Patriarch visited numerous temples, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where he said a prayer. The visit concluded with a blessing of the faithful and a trip to Bethlehem.

Poland. Wrocław is the city where the Christian Community "Swojczyce" operates. What sets them apart? They strive to connect God's Word with daily life and build relationships with God in various spheres. This community is a place for people united by the name of Jesus. Sunday services feature wonderful musical accompaniment. Bible reflections touch upon specific, everyday issues. For those who have experienced a new birth with God, the Lord's Supper is also prepared. If you wish to change your life and experience the true power of faith, this Community could be the place for you. More information can be found at

Worldwide. A new method of treating breast cancer appears to be highly promising. A study published by the South West News Service and New Scientist describes the use of a miniature implant with a self-recharging battery. This implant enabled a new class of drugs to combat tumours. "Within 14 days, in five mice who received the battery and treatment, tumours reduced by an average of 90 percent," claims Professor Fan Zhang from Fudan University in Shanghai. "In four of these mice, the tumour completely disappeared," added the study's author.

USA. Florida. Norman Desrosiers, a retired Episcopal priest, maintains an active lifestyle despite retirement. Norman, at the age of 76, serves as an interim priest at the Episcopal Church of St. Elizabeth in Florida. Twice a week, he volunteers at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne. The priest was recently chosen as the best out of five hundred "volunteers of the year." Norman sees similarities between his service in the church and the zoo, saying that both humans and animals are similar creatures of God. He says that both roles aim to provide help and support.

That was the news service from Radio Safira. Remember, each day is a new chance to fulfil your dreams. Stay with us!


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