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Serve others? Why?

I'd like you to reflect today on how you can serve others in your daily life. It might be a small gesture, a smile, a moment spent talking with a lonely neighbor, or even helping carry someone's groceries. Every act of kindness matters. To aid your reflection, consider today's reading from the First Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter two, verses one to eight

Once, a man asked a sage why he should serve others. The sage asked him to bring two glasses of water. When the man returned, the sage took some salt, threw it into one of the glasses, and asked the man to taste the water. "Salty!" replied the man. Then the sage tossed salt into a lake and asked the man to fill the second glass with the lake's water and taste it. "Fresh!" the man said. The sage explained, "Your life can be like that glass of water. If you focus solely on yourself, you can become 'salty' and unpleasant. But when you serve others, you're like the salt in the lake - invisible, yet benefiting all around".



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