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"The Goodness"

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"The Goodness" Lyrics

You made the rain, so when it falls on me Should I complain, or feel You calling me It’s all on me to stay And really catch what You’re showing It’s my roots that You’re growing ‘Cause life is more than this moment You are the light, so when the darkness falls The greatest heights, they never seem so tall no not at all You’re right, it’s my roots that You’re growing, don’t wanna miss what You’re showing Ain’t no doubt about You Everywhere that I go You keep showing up (Lord You) Make me wanna shout it You’re the goodness in my life And Imma tell You my truth They may come, they may go You keep showing up (sure do) Ain’t no doubt about it You are, You are The goodness in my life You are the joy You’re the smile on the face of Your boy You’re the flowers at that park in Detroit Still the words on the back of our coins Let’s make some noise You cover me, my defender when You’re rolling up Your sleeves You’re the truth that’s gonna set the captive free The only King that’s ever chose to bleed, is what I believe Now they keep trying to make Your glory fade But I ain’t really sweating what they say Through the good and the bad and the ugly I can still see the sunshine above me Lord I love all the ways that You love me You’re the good, You’re the good, You’re the goodness

Music video by TobyMac, Blessing Offor performing The Goodness. ForeFront Records; © 2022 F.L. Inc., under exclusive license to Capitol CMG, Inc.

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